Avoid duplicate content while breaking a topic into two posts

I currently face the task of breaking an article into two separate ones. It has over 6k words, which is way too much.
Let’s say it’s about knives. It covers all the different types of knives there is and then discusses whether a beginner should buy a knife set or not.
I want to split it up into an article, which explains the different types of knives and one that discusses whether a knife set is suitable to you.
The latter feels incomplete to me without a brief overview about the different types of knifes—so, the reader can judge a set by the knives included. Therefore, I thought about adding a brief overview and linking to the full article.
Would this cause a duplicate content issue? How would you tackle that?

Edit: To clarify. It’ll probably not be a duplicate content problem, but more of a near duplicate content problem. My worries are that the two posts aren’t distinct enough and share their ranking.

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