Anyone know the dark side of dotcom secrets


Can anyone please tell me if this course from 2013 i belive is still valid can you still make money off of it even if its not 50k a day?Im talking smaller sums 100-300$ a day.
Thank you

I don’t trust eBooks for a very simple ideology.

Why would someone sell a book with insider secrets?No one who is making true money will let you inside their mindset nor their tricks of the trade. Even if they do, it will not be 3 easy payments of $9.99 Why would someone both writing an ebook if they are making xx,xxx amount of money a day.

Is it by Russell Brunson?
I haven’t seen the course but I have purchased other products from him and they have been exceptional.
I don’t really go for Guru’s but he is very knowledgeable and the quality of his information is outstanding.
As I say, haven’t done the course so can’t comment on it, but if he is still involved then it might be worth a look.
I’ve never purchased one single course in my life.
It’s always the same.
“I’ll show you how to……….”

And in the end it turns out to be bullshit. The only one who profits from those ebooks is the author itself.

Why buy something that you can get for free
I got it for free its free online im just asking is still usefull can it make 100-300$ a day working 6 hrs a day.
Why not just find it somewhere online and then find out for yourself, won’t hurt to try.
I wouldn’t trust this sounds like a scam.
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you need to learn your self. IF it was so good they would not sell it. You can always try reading it im sure you will learn something even if it does not help you make money.

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