Amazon Associates HELP me out please!

youcannotaffordthis said:

Hi man,

Glad you answered my questions

Ok I made up my mind and will launch a landing page or some woocommerce site with my affiliate links first, then link to this page inside my telegram group. Guess it’ll be safer this way.

What about the 10% of traffic they make with direct links, isn’t amazon capable of crawling your links and knowing that these 10% come from telegram/whatsapp?

Do you know why I get abnormally high clicks on my affiliate links? Am I maybe unintentionally doing cookie stuffing?

All the best!

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They may be in amazon affiliate for years, without any issues and generating huge volumes of sales. So, they don’t mind 10% of traffic from telegram/whatsapp groups.

Abnormally high clicks? where you shared your links??

Note amazon associates don’t differentiate clicks from a real person or from BOT’s / crawlers. Example: As soon as you share your link on YouTube you can see 10 to 15 clicks on amazon dashboard, they are from YouTube crawlers, not from humans.

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