Amazon AAWP Plugin

PureHustle said:

honestly, it depends on how you use it. I have used it previously, and it does work as described. Makes it much easier than manually grabbing links/data from azon. It automates that part.

If you do use it, i recommend changing it to a certain degree (create your own product listing template for example).

It works good but make sure you have a plan with it before pulling out your CC. the plugin alone will not make you money. it just automates some of the tedious work.

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I?m planning to use GeneratePress theme. I heard it is good for Amazon Affiliate sites. I will definitely consider your advices, thank you.

Nerva said:

Before you jump on the plugin, keep in mind that you need the Amazon API to use it.

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I believe you can get the Amazon API from your Amazon Affilite dashboard.

ritafairclough said:

Yes, it works for me. It makes Amazon sites look more professional and there is lots you can do with it such as widget placements etc. I have no affiliation with them, just really like the plugin. It’s well supported.

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Good to hear it works well for other members, thank you for your comment on the plugin, helps me decide.

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