Adsense + Paid traffic?

Hey guys,

I was wondering if someone is still in the adsense + paid traffic game? How’s it going?

I have done it twice. In fact, the first money I made in IM was with this. There was a long journey discussion thread in which guy was selling and buying porn traffic through few networks and making money on the arbitrage. I don’t even know why, but I registered to one of the websites, bought traffic to website with adsense and made crazy profits. No clickjacking, nothing else, plainly buying porn traffic and getting crazy ROI. Later, the member was banned, because mods found out one of the websites he was buying/selling traffic from was his and the whole thread was probably fake to make people buy traffic from his website. Funnily, it was the one I bought traffic from and according to mods, it was only bot traffic. To this date I don’t know what kind of bot traffic it was, since google never banned me for it and it worked for me for 6 months (I got later banned, because I was lazy and had up only 5 stupid articles with high paying keyword and got banned for a lack of content). I would really love to know what bot that was, but I will probably never find out lol.

The second one was with a group of IMers that were pulling crazy profits with cloaking, click jacking and paid traffic. That worked well, but the group disbanded because allegedly the owner’s ex stole all 400 adsense accounts. But we all profited, so whatever.

So as I said before, is anyone still doing something similar? I would like to get back into it since the profits were crazy, maybe we could exchange few ideas/experiences?

Best regards,


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