is 100% SCAM! BEWARE!

I bought from them this: FB Accounts | Registered in 2018. Activated Business Manager, can be used for advertising. Verified by *******, email address is included in the set(Email does NOT work). Useragent and cookies are included in the package. Registered from Germany IP.

Obvious when I tried to login with a fresh german IP Facebook asked me for a code by email but the email was restricted so I had to unlock first the E-mail and in the meantime I asked the support of Accs Market help because of this issue with the login problem, they told me some bull$#*! that I’m not used IPv4 and new UserAgent, cookie, specialized program. The facebook account was registered in Germany they said ) ! My surprise was after I unlocked the email and I saw that the account was registered actually using a Philiphine IP 12 day ago and not in 2018 as it was described and the email was created using a Taiwan IP ( In the email I saw also a login attempt using the same Philipine IP after I made the payment actually).

I sent them the screenshots with what I discovered and told them that the reason why this account don’t let me login is not because I didn’t used the IPv4 ( But i actually used IPv4 ) because I used fake facebook accounts many thime before this and the reason is because It was created using a Philipine IP 12 days ago and I told them to give me another product or a refund but obvious that this didn’t happened. They told me also that the confirmation of the registration is not the proof that was used an IP from Philipine at the registration ) , they want the logs from facebook account that is unuseful as proof. For 8 USD they don’t bother to send you even another fb account made 2 day ago… BIG BIG SCAM! BEWARE

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