DAY 15 09/12/2019
?Hi to everyone! Remember that i worked for a video explainer animation company here in Italy? I was in a 6 month formation stage, and after that i would become an associate. Yeah. Forget about it, thursday morning they fucking fired me because “We don’t need you anymore” i couldn’t really do anything cause we didn’t have a contract, i was paid like i was a freelancer giving services so yeah, they fucked me in the *** with dry sand.

I had so many high expectations for this job, so fucking many, and i was near the end of the 6 months, i just couldn’t handle it and well…just let myself go for some days, and then i just realized that they were the one losing me, fuck them.

I think it was all planned from the beginning, i mean like they never wanted me to join the company, they just wanted someone to write for them for CHEAP, then when the end is near they fire the worker and search another one, or maybe i’m just tripping.

So, picked myself up and got my focus back and decided:

1 I won’t ever have high expectations again if someone else is “heavily” involved

2 I will NEVER EVER EVER work for someone else’s dream.

After this major shift, i had to really focus on what to do next, fortunately i’m 20 yo and i still live with my parents so i don’t have any rent or bills to pay, but now i don’t have any budget to spend on this project so i guess i’ll just spend my time.

TO DO PLAN 09/12/2019

My initial goal was to build an amazon affiliate niche, yeah, forget about it too, now my goal is to build an AUTHORITY site and monetize it with affiliate links, initially, and then expanding to e-books, ads and maybe a self-made product later on.

Income Goals: 300 euro/m (just like my old paycheck), then 500/m then 750, 1000 and so on.

In order to “complete” a goal i have to earn the required amount for 2 months straight.

I don’t really want to tell the niche, but i’ll just say that is the limit. Figure it out, i know that there are italian marketers here and i’m PARANOID AF but i don’t want to dive deeper into this problem of mine. (Just to say, don’t do drugs, cause if u are already predisposed to some kind of mental issue, drugs will accelerate it and amplify it 100x, you can’t really tell if you are predisposed so don’t do drugs AT ALL).

Anyway, i still have to get the domain and build the website, design the logo etc. but now i have to add one thing to the list, and this will be the only thing i’ll focus for now: Build and organize the SILO structure

Because initially, it was a “micro-niche” so i didn’t really need it, but now i HAVE to build one. I already started and damn it’s complicated, i read the AMA and these guides: GUIDE 1, GUIDE 2, AMA. But still is a LOT of work ahahaha The bigger the site the more silos you’ll have, but i don’t care i have all the time of the world now

TO DO LIST 09/12/2019
Build the SILO Structure

?I’ll assume that you already read the guides and ama or you already know what is siloing, what i use to “design” it is this software both web-based and offline check it out it’s totally free: https://www.draw.io/

Hope this can be helpful for you!


underachieved said:

Good luck man, these are journeys I like to see. Come in strong with IM but do remember to take your time and focus on things.

Organization and setting a clear and reachable goal is key. Don’t overwhelm yourself.

How to see you blue soon

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Thanks for this advices bro! I really do overwhelm myself a lot, it happens when i start something and then i have to gradually slow and organize things down but now i’m more focused than EVER.

Thanks you so much for your support too! I’ll definetely be blue one day!


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