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Email : [email protected]

Payment Details :

BTC : 1KHFBmpBH6wByAKUrVMudrTvEiFrs1deDe

We are also accepting Paypal, Payoneer, Neteller & Payeer.
These details are available upon request.

Thank You

Check Out Reviews from Buyers :

To all the tire kickers…THIS SHIT WORKS.

I have purchased many so called adwords methods and been scammed once (It still hurt when I think about it). Of course I was a little skeptical at first but was like [email protected] it, this may be the one. I grilled Jermain very hard on his method (not wanting to get scammed again) and waited for others to purchase and leave a review. So I decided to purchase it after seeing some reviews. If method did no work, I would come back here and leave a nasty review. But as you can see in screenshot this method works.

I was a little anxious and did not give account time to warm and was suspended (it was not fault of the method). Tried with another account, gave it time to warm up as stated in method and BAM! account went live. I really hope he takes this down soon to be completely honest. I don’t need more competition. Jermain is really a good guy and genuine person. He answered all my questions in a timely manner. Anyone that deals with adwords and don’t get this is really missing out.

To Jermain: Again….close this shit bro! Hehe.


Thanks for this amazing piece of content.Very detailed presentation & each step is easy to follow. Plus, it works as described every time you implement. Perhaps, one of the best decision of my marketing career to invest in this gem of a COURSE.
Also, the support is too good & responsive.
Definitely recommend to go for this one.

My Review about this Course!

– Quality (10/10)
10/10, the course says exactly what it does, has all the information you need to create a google ads account with 500 USD threshold.
– Speed (10/10)
Contacting the seller was super easy, he responded within less than a minute.
– Price (8/10)
The price is good for the value it provides, but I feel like it could be better.
– Method Difficulty (9/10)
The method is fairly easy to do and very straight forward, but it requires some effort.
– Overall Satisfaction (10/10)
Seller is quick to respond, available almost all the time, knows how to communicate, the guide is straight forward, and hopefully the method works (I didn’t test it yet) but I don’t see why it wouldn’t.

I would say this is a service to use if you know how to use Google Ads efficiently.

The content is solid.
The support is extraordinary.
Everything is explained in detailed.
Any question/query was answered by OP without any hesitation.


Most Importantly

It works.
I am getting clicks & impressions on my ads

Hi to everyone.. i want to write a review for BHW people..

I bought the method 2 days ago.. Before method, i can say @https://www.blackhatworld.com/members/adwords-king.1234670/ is really impressive specialist.. whenever i ask question, Jermain (thread owner) answer them.. Therefore you will not alone after buy the method.. :)

Here is my review so far:

1. Its a really clear method supported with premium videos. They will update the thread constantly for buyers.
2. The OP is helpful and friendly and and he answered all my questions very patiently.
3. I have tested the method.. its work!
5. You need to invest for necessities, but it is not high :)

So far I am really impressed. You can freely ask any question about the method..

As I said, I came back with a detailed review. I`ll start by saying that I haven’t been paid to review the product, I bought it like a normal human being :D I have had no connection of any kind with
https://www.blackhatworld.com/members/adwords-king.1234670/ prior to getting this product.

From the start I noticed that he is very helpful and does everything in his power to make things work for his customers. The method works, even though there are a couple of hickups before you learn what you’re doing wrong and how to make everything fit in its place. This isn’t something you can blame on the seller, because as soon as you figure out everything, you’ll notice that it is fairly easy to make it work. I was a little frustrated half way through the method because I got stuck in the same place over and over. The seller was kind enough to login into one of the VPSs himself and check to make sure that everything is alright.

Now for the interesting part: As of now, I have a working adwords account with a campaign running for one of my websites that is an affiliate landing page. I have received clicks and was able to use the daily budget. With this one account, I already got back everything I invested in this project, along with the cost of the course and the VCCs, because I chose to buy the VCCs, instead of creating them myself. I’m not your average course buyer, as I got scammed quite a lot with courses that led me to nowhere.. But I had a feeling this is the one and I must say that even though the method might get patched at some point, with the knowledge I already got, I`m sure I can tweak it to work again.

I don’t usually share screens from inside my accounts on public forums, for paranoid reasons probably, but if some of you guys need just a little push to get started and want to see a print screen of the account I could send it in private. (Please, please, please, don’t flood me with PMs now:)) )

Here is my review for this service:

I am regular adwords user, as I need to spend lots money for my clients, then I decided buy some coupon, but to run only coupon there is lots of thing need to do, So I was thought it is impossible to run adwords ads using coupon, Suddenly I found this thread and placed order.

I have bought lots of method online, But maximum are not working as they advertise on their website,forum,marketplace.
Seller delivered the method within 5 minutes! So Delivery system is excellent.

I was excited to checkout the method, The method is clear with details video instruction, Its take me time to setup everything, But after followed every instruction now I have got golden opportunity to run ads on adwords.

One thing here is seller updated this, “Adwords Accounts with $450 Credit”.
Actually, I have received $350+$150=$500 on my single Adwords account.
And I have created 3 adwords account, so total I received $1500 on my 3 adwords account, and 3 ads account are running with ads ongoing…

But to make these adwords account, I have to spend few bucks, But I am really happy.

One More thing: I have got Diamond opportunity: Unlimited VCC Generator, Yes that’s true,” Again its called unlimited vcc” I know how difficult to generate a vcc nowadays, I am very much happy to get this method.

To success in this method I was stuck sometime, But the seller help me each time I was stuck, The seller is very helpful, I recommended this seller for his method.

My Overall Rating:
After Sales Support: 5 Star out Of 5
Method Work: 5 Star out Of 5


this my first review after buying this amazing methode :p:p


before this , im already succesfull on first try :p:p
but the vps got suspend , and the account inside of that stil running , so i cant take ss from that :D

always follow rule before you running ads , to get 80% chance succesfull :D:D
i have 3 account more , and still warm up :D

I bought this method a few days ago and tested with 5 initial accounts. I gave each account rest for almost 96 hours. And here is my honest review.

1. The method works 100%.
2. The OP support is amazing, he helped at every point and reply within a few seconds.
3. The ebook has complied very nicely.
4. In addition, OP has also added videos to help.

I have never been more satisfied with any ebook I purchased online before but this is a goldmine for affiliates. I would recommend this 100%.

My 5th products that i bought from BHW marketplace.

Tested it. Worked Perfectly

Method – 10/10, It works as mentioned above.

Support – 10/10, I got all my questions answered

My review after one month of using this method:

Hi everyone!, I purchased this method a month ago and it works perfectly as mentioned in the thread. I had zero knowledge about adwords but it contains step by step procedure and explained well. Easy to understand and perfect for newbies like me. It also has premium videos for guidance. If you still have any doubts you can always ask OP, he is mostly online and will help you. Since i was a newbie i had many questions. I asked OP the most stupid questions and he answered them politely. He never said no when i asked for his help. I strongly recommended this to everyone who is still thinking to buy it.

This my one of old account stats which is created last month:


This is my recently created account stats:


Price – 10/10
Method – 10/10
Support – 11/10 (OP’s support is priceless)


1) Is this method still working?
A. Yes, its still working and OP will update this method in the future if required.

2) What is initial investment required?
A. For initial investment please keep at least $40-$50 for purchasing the resources to setup the accounts properly.

3) ROI?
A. Interesting question. It always depends on what you do with this method. Some people will receive ROI within few days of implementing this method and for some it may take more time.

4) Will this method work worldwide?
A. Yes, this method works worldwide despite of where you live.

5) Can i scale this method?
A. Yes, you can scale the method as hell because the method itself meant to create unlimited adwords accounts.

6. Is this method is newbie friendly?
A. Yes, its completely newbie friendly. Everyone who purchased this method can implement this method without any issues.

If you still have any doubts you can ask the OP, he is very friendly guy and always ready to help.

PS: You need to have patience while implementing this method because it requires some time (part of the method) to see the actual results.

Hey there, I bought this method 2 weeks ago and here is my review!

In two words: It works!

I was a little skeptical at first, but I wanted to believe in it so I decided to have a try.

The method gives the main lines with effective tutorial videos, but there are some details that you will discover by yourself or with the help of Jermain (the OP).

The quality of support help is absolutely incomparable: He was always there and answered all my questions in a professional and friendly manner.

There is a cost to install the process between VPS, domains and VCCs, but the stakes are worth the effort:

You will quickly end up with hundreds of dollars worth of advertising (or even more, it depends on you!)

If you know what to do with advertising, you’ll get your ROI fast but you’ll have to be patient implementing the method.

Here are some accounts of mine running:


If you have a little money to invest in a method as effective as it is unexpected, don’t hesitate for a second and go for it while it’s still working :)

Know that there are scammers around using similar profile to Jermain and selling outdated methods from it, just a hint, go to the source and you will not be disappointed.

Thanks again Jermain, you’re opening opportunities I never thought possible!

I bought this method not a long time ago. The method is working and Jermain is an amazing guy that will always be around for any help or issues you face you’ll get a step by step instructions with videos. :)
This is one of my best investments I ever made online.
Highly recommended.


for everyone wondering if this still works well it still works.
the ratio of success is 7/10 so you may get some accounts banned (well it’s Google you’re playing with so expect that).
the method is well detailed by the seller and he is very helpful & always responds to my queries on skype, and always there to help you get your accounts working,
in the file he shares, you’ll find everything you need to get this working,
My Rating :
Method: 9/10;
Seller: 10/10
(why 10, well he is very active on skype always answer, very supportive )
I’ll attach new created Adwords accounts

Zero Cost AdWords – A comprehensive package for complete Adwords solution. I loved working with jermainlinton & his team.
Easy to follow steps, support on demand. Fully Satisfied

Thread Approved

@AdWords King provided us with the entire package for the review.

  • There is a ton of information offered so prepare to do a little studying to make this work for you.
  • The content was very solid and I can see this having real value.
  • @AdWords King was a pleasure to work with the entire time.

My .02 USD

This is going to require some work on your end but there is real value if you do put in the work. Good stuff, good seller.

For Buyers: The quality of the product or service that I receive is what you should expect, or better. If you feel that the quality of the service has dropped significantly, please let us know via the report button.

For Buyers Regarding Disputes: If you do not receive a product or service as advertised, or at all in the event of a dispute, do not be afraid of a “no refunds” refund policy as you are allowed to request a refund through the shit list process. For more information and to see whether or not your dispute qualifies, refer to the shit list rules and procedures.

Thread Edit Log

Possible to get a bit more discount? Thanks.
What is the minimum setup cost is required?
Want to know more about the VCC also. Does it work on all sites?
Would like to know the initial setup cost involved?
This is fucking amazing! I have searched every where these kind of service. But couldn’t found. thank you for this.
So there is no cost involved?

Any country restriction?

Can I know the cost of the VCC? Also what’s the success rate on new accounts? Do you get hit with suspicious payment activity often?


Generally accounts get banned as soon as you start the campaign. Does this method safe guard against that?
Generally accounts get banned as soon as you start the campaign. Does this method safe guard against that?

Price for VCC? You need proxies too? Need to hide your fingerprint?

i always get suspended after a few days, even spending few bucks a day. is this method anything new? how many payment providers u list? i will reach out via pm
Generally accounts get banned as soon as you start the campaign. Does this method safe guard against that?

I would also want to know this.

I got this method from the OP few weeks ago from outside of BHW.
What I can say is that its awesome.
the only thing if you are like me is to invest on VCC. I mean I do not create and spend time on that. I get them from 3 different seller provided by the OP.

if its works? Yes
can i get ban? yes
but at the end, go open a new free vps and start the process again… its FREE!!!
if you get traffic from the ad campaign for more than the vcc price, you won!

if you want rush, you will get suspended for sure. you need to warm them up and get a good vcc and thats it
The OP ALWAYS helped me out with any issues when requested and i really appreciate it.


What’s the cost involved for each Adwords account?
Please PM more info, thank you.
I got this method from the OP few weeks ago from outside of BHW.
What I can say is that its awesome.
the only thing if you are like me is to invest on VCC. I mean I do not create and spend time on that. I get them from 3 different seller provided by the OP.

if its works? Yes
can i get ban? yes
but at the end, go open a new free vps and start the process again… its FREE!!!
if you get traffic from the ad campaign for more than the vcc price, you won!

if you want rush, you will get suspended for sure. you need to warm them up and get a good vcc and thats it
The OP ALWAYS helped me out with any issues when requested and i really appreciate it.


How much is each VCC? What’s your success rate for new accounts to getting impressions?

Following thanks…
Send me your PayPal address.
I have bought this method yesterday. Its a clear method with step by step instructions backing up with instruction videos :)

Here is my review so far:

1. The OP is very friendly and he answered all my questions very patiently.
2. I have not tested the method completely, but looking over the method i am 100% sure that this must work if followed exactly.
3. He also offers long time support (even the method is patched), so this is a WIN WIN Situation.
4. You need to invest in a little on servers and numbers, but the ROI is really huge if you know what to do with adwords.

So far A++ from me. I will give another review after i get my first account approved with screenshots.


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